Kefa Education

Following the success of our catch-up schools in Masoro and Gasogi, our team in Rwanda did a deep analysis of our community teams in the seven additional communities we serve and found that we have:



Athletes Out of School


Athletes Lacking School Supplies
And At-Risk of Dropping Out

It is our goal that every Kefa Athlete can be in school by the beginning of the school year in September.

_Invest in Education

To do this we have a goal of raising $52,000 for the education of Kefa Athletes.



per month

Provides School
Fees for One Athlete



Provides School
Materials for One Athlete
    • Fundraising Goal: $0 out $52,0000%

      A generous donor is matching the first $3,000 in donations.

Every Story Matters

Every single child is valuable and made in the image of God and we desire for every child to have the opportunity to discover their passions and dreams and to pursue them. Education is a primary avenue to do this. But we know the longer a child is out of school the harder it is to get them back in.

Let us give you just one example. Johnny (not real name) is an athlete on one of our community teams. Due to financial difficulties, he is unable to attend school. One day, he borrowed a uniform from a neighbor and attended school, but when the school authorities discovered he wasn't officially enrolled, they expelled him from class. This left Johnny heartbroken as he is eager to study. His parents are praying that through God's will Johnny can enroll in school again in the future.

A Record of Success

In 2023, Kefa partnered with kids and families to get 68 kids back into school full time. In 2021 and 2022, 50 kids rejoined school through our Catch-Up School Program in Gasogi. As kids return to school, we continue to walk alongside them to overcome barriers, such as issues related to poverty, transportation to school, disabilities, or other issues that can limit access to education, especially for girls. We are pleased to report that all of our original Gasogi Catch-Up School participants have remained in school full time, and some are receiving test scores in the top 10 of their classes!

Education is just the beginning

This is just the beginning for Kefa. Our ultimate goal for each of the communities where we work is that we can partner alongside families, local leaders, and local governments to address needs unique to the community.


So that every community can thrive


We believe change comes from when we all work together, bringing our talents and resources for the good of all. We are excited to keep you updated as our communities continue to grow so that every child can have a home.