Girl's Soccer

There are several societal pressures and stereotypes that prevent girls from playing sports in areas where our girls' soccer teams are located. We are working to change that.

In the past year our girls' teams have grown from a post COVID low of 13 girls to 135 girls. But this is just the beginning.


It is our goal to invest $100,000 annually in developing girls soccer in at-risk communities in Rwanda.


The time is now to expand Kefa Programs to empower girls to overcome challenges in their lives and seek a brighter future.

_Invest in Girls' Soccer

$60 a month

Fully Sponsors One Female Athlete


So why soccer?


_Our Vision

What your donations will provide:

School Fees and Materials:

Many families struggle to pay for school fees and supplies, sometimes forcing girls to drop out. Providing education to girls is vitally important. Along with numerous economic benefits, education also reduces rates of teenage pregnancy and changes ideas on abuse.

Women’s Health and Self Defense Classes:

Our teams provide the opportunity to host trainings that will support the young women in critical areas. Health classes educate girls about their bodies so they can take charge of their physical well-being. Self-defense classes give girls increased self-confidence, self-awareness and basic skills to protect themselves from potentially dangerous situations.

Creating a Women's Soccer Department

An entire department in our organization devoted to the success of our women's teams that will continuously advocate for girls in their communities. This will require deep investment in raising more female leaders.

Providing Period Products:

A lack of hygiene products can cause girls to miss school during their period, which negatively affects their school performance and sometimes contributes to them dropping out of school.

Sports Clothes, Bras, Shoes:

 Sports bras cost about $27 in Rwanda, which is cost prohibitive for families living on just a few dollars per day. Not only do sports bras increase comfort, but research shows properly fitted sports bras reduce ACL tears.  Providing female athletes with cleats and appropriate clothes will allow them to train with confidence.

Classes for Boys on Respecting Women

For women to thrive and strengthen their communities, boys and men must also practice respect and value the contributions of women. Raising a generation of strong men who support strong women means proactively challenging some of the accepted norms that keep women disempowered.

Life Skills and Child Rights Trainings:

We want girls to understand their legal right to attend school and to seek protection from abuse. We also want to equip them with small business and entrepreneurship skills, so they can take control of their lives for a better future.

Increasing Soccer Opportunities

Girls share that our soccer teams boost their confidence, develop their leadership skills and teach them about their value in society. It is vital that we provide more opportunities for matches, camps, and try outs for top women's teams.