Kefa (kay-fuh) (v): To Build A Firm Foundation

Kefa is a name chosen by staff in Rwanda. Kefa (pronounced kay-fuh) is a Rwandan spelling of Kepha or Cephas, the name Jesus gave Peter when he was declared the rock. We want every child's life to built on a solid rock, a firm foundation.

Started in 2009, as Play For Hope, The Kefa Project is all about seeing at-risk youth transformed in every aspect of their lives.

We love sports. But we do so much more than sports. Our beliefs are rooted in the Nicene Creed. But to put it more simply, we have been transformed by Jesus and want to share that same love with others. (1)

Sports are an avenue for us to create families for at-risk youth in Rwanda. Our goal is to help them feel welcomed and no longer alone, to help them re-enter education both formally and informally, learn finance and business skills, be reconciled to their own families, to know God, and change themselves and then their communities.