The Kefa Project is a non-profit organization that works in Rwanda to reunite families, get children off the street, back in school, and provide them with a sense of community and belonging, often through the lens of soccer. Kefa is well positioned to expand this work and help hundreds of kids get off the streets and back into school but we need to secure additional funding.

As such, we are seeking fundraising volunteers who can help expand our network and build new revenue streams to help ensure our vision becomes a reality.

While the Kefa Project is a Christian organization, this opportunity is open to anyone passionate about this work.



Kefa started in 2009 by running soccer trainings in areas with much child homelessness, providing community, coaching, and optional devotions after practice to keep kids in families and in school. Currently, we have seven training centers with 32 community teams and 725 athletes (boys and girls) who train weekly.  Our coaches are from the community and are trained in sports psychology, physiology, and basic counseling techniques. 

In addition to community teams, we offer boarding, food and educational opportunities at The Kefa Academy for up to 20 boys at a time who have been homeless and cannot return home. Additionally, we built a Co-Op where 13 women are enrolled in learning trade and business skills so they can better support their families.

Recently we have started something we call “Catch-Up Schools.” Catch-up schools reach out to kids who are not in school, living on the streets, and we then work to reintegrate them into their homes and education. In the last two years, these schools have helped 79 kids get back in school after extended periods of absence. The programs aren’t only changing the lives of kids, but we are also seeing family and community change happening. These catch-up schools are so successful that we are replicating them across all Kefa communities, resulting in hundreds of kids getting off the streets and back into school.

You can help us make this a reality.


We are looking for self-starters, who have an ability to bring people together, and can work with various groups across the organization to help move the team and mission forward. 

Ideally, we are looking for individuals who have some knowledge of non-profits, but it is not a requirement. We are looking for individuals to commit at least 2-4 hours a month to help craft new ways to raise funds, help expand our current network of donors and provide a fresh perspective on fundraising events. 

We are looking for two to three people to help form a new fundraising subcommittee, and they would be in direct contact with 1-2 board members on a regular basis and would join monthly or bi-monthly board meetings as needed (held virtually). 

While this is a volunteer position, when goals are met, there would be an, optional, partially funded trip to Rwanda to see the work firsthand. We are flexible on when this role would start, but ideally this would begin February 2024. 

If interested, please fill out the application below! Thank you!


A background check will be needed for anyone who has direct access to children or children's information.